The Crazy Pop Shows Off Our Diamond Plate Hard Cover on His Blackstone Griddle

If you love outdoor cooking, food reviews, homemade snacks and a great deal of greasy yummy mouth-watering food, The Crazy Pop is the channel for you. He covers home-cooking videos and a lot of adventure trips to theme parks and new theme park openings. It's a family-friendly channel and is the best for jolly good family-time. 

Diamond Plate Hard Cover for Blackstone 36" Griddle

It's a huge honor to have The Crazy Pop's approval of our hard cover lids that we make for the Blackstone griddle! We love watching his videos because he makes delicious-looking food and he is also entertaining. 

Watch The Crazy Pop's video about our Blackstone griddle hard cover lids...

 Diamond Plate Hard Cover for Blackstone 36" Griddle

In this video, The Crazy Pop unboxes and demonstrates our hard cover lids. He also answers a question we get all the time..."Will Griddle Guard hard cover lids hang on the back with the rear grease cup?".

blackstone hard cover lid griddle 36

Some of the things he notices about our lids is that they are high quality and well made. The Crazy Pop even took time to point out the quality of the welds and the fact that the handle mounts match the diamond plate on the cover. 

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