Does Our Hard Cover Fit The Sam's Club 36" Griddle?

Does Our Hard Cover Fit The Sam's Club 36

Sam's Club 36" Griddle Hard Cover Lid

sams club griddle hard cover lid

We have been making hard cover lids for the Blackstone griddles, but we always get this question - will our hard covers fit on the Sam’s Club 36" griddle? Although our current design is made for the Blackstone 36" griddle, our hard cover will still cover and hang off the back of the Sam's Club 36 Inch griddle. The only drawback is that there is a bit of an overlap gap, but like we said, it still covers and looks beautiful on the Sam's Club griddle. 

We proudly make our covers here in the United States. They are engineered to be lightweight, user friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. They are made from Aluminum, which prevents them from rusting. We use a wooden handle that gives them a good appearance and supports heating compared to other covers with a metal handle that gets very hot. They can be hanged conveniently on the rear of the griddle with the two metal hooks when cooking.

GriddleGuard Hard Cover Lid for Blackstone 36" Griddle

Does GriddleGuard Hard Cover Lid for Blackstone 36” Griddle also fit on the Sam’s Club 36” Griddle?

hard cover for sams club 36 griddle

GriddleGuard hard cover lids are compatible with the Blackstone 36” Griddle but still fits on Sams Club 36” Griddle. It just fits a little big with an overlap hang, but it protects the entire surface and still hangs on the griddle’s back. It still looks awesome and is very practicle. Easy to lift on and off the griddle and be used as a tabletop surface for food preparation or serving. Although, yes this hard cover will fit onto the Member's Mark Sam's Club 36" Griddle, we will be making a hard cover specifically for these griddles in the near future!

GriddleGuard Hard Cover Lid for Blackstone 36" Griddle

See It For Yourself

Watch this quick video of David from GriddleGuard demonstrating how our current design will still fit onto the Sam's Club griddle...

Like we mentioned earlier in this article, we will be making hard cover lids specifically for the Member's Mark / Sam's Club 36" griddle in the future. But, our hard cover for the Blackstone 36" griddle will get you by until we have the new design ready.

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