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GriddleGuard Hard Cover VS Blackstone 5004 Hard Cover

How are GriddleGuard Hard Covers Superior?

blackstone griddle hard cover 5004

Griddle Guard hard cover lids are designed and built in the United States. When you buy a GriddleGuard Hard cover, you can rest assured with every purchase you are supporting an American owned and manufactured brand. GriddleGuard hard covers are engineered to fit perfectly onto your griddle. 

Blackstone 5004 Hard Cover VS GriddleGuard Hard Cover

hard cover for blackstone 36 griddle

GriddleGuard hard covers are made to give our users more comfortable experiences while cooking on the griddle.

Everything about the design, from the way our hooks hang, to the handle’s material is all to simplify cooking with a griddle. 

Hanging Hooks

griddle hanging hooks blackstone 36

GriddleGuard hard covers are equipped with extra-wide and long hanging hooks. In comparison, the Blackstone hard cover has much smaller harder to use hooks. When you use a GriddleGuard hard cover, you can hang it easily while standing in front of the griddle. 

Wood Handle

Griddle Guard hard covers have a wooden handle that makes it easier to use and doesn’t transfer heat. While in comparison, the Blackstone hard covers have a metal handle that may get hot to the touch.

Easily Hang While Cooking

 blackstone 36 hard cover griddle lid

One of our hard covers’ primary benefits compared to the Blackstone cover is that you can hang ours easier. Our hard covers hang easily on the back of the griddle while standing in front of the griddle. When using the Blackstone hard cover, you have to walk to the back of the griddle to hang the cover. GriddleGuard hard covers save you precious time and energy. You can also easily cover your griddle back up right after you are done cooking. 

blackstone 5004 hard cover griddle lid 36 inch

 GriddleGuard Hard Cover Lid For Blackstone 36" Griddle